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Home Figure Painting service 6mm Ancients & Dark Age 6mm Spanish Succession & Great Northern War 6mm English Civil War 6mm Napleonics 6mm American Civil War 6mm Colonials 15mm Ancients & Dark Age 15mm English Civil War 15mm Napoleonics 15mm American War of Independance 15mm Colonials Scenery & Buildings Gallery About us How to Order Contact Us ... Brothers at War is wargame system to land battles in the American Civil War (ACW) on 6mm to 20mm scale. The basic fighting unit is a company or a battery of artilley. These are grouped into divisions. Turns are performed by alternate activation of divisions, with the quality of the commanders determining some issues.ACW Union XIV Corps Completed Thanks to a good friend, all of the units of the Union XIV Corps are now painted and based. Commanded by Major General George Thomas, the XIV Corps was, in my opinion, the elite corps of the Army of the Cumberland from the beginning of the Tullahoma Campaign through the smashing of Bragg's Army of Tennessee at the ...