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As a postscript, I would add, for kicks, I swapped out the Wyrd for the Intona Industrial on my video workstation (W10 HQplayer (DSD256)>Intona>Denafrips ARES>Schiit Freya (in tube mode with nice NOS Sylvanias)>Neuman KH120a actives). It made a SIGNIFICANT difference. I mean significant. Chord make several excellent DACs - including the Dave, and the brand-new Qutest - but for sheer range of features, design, sound quality, and value, the Hugo 2 just crushes it.Chord make other terrific high-end DACs, including the $7,000 Hugo TT 2, but the Hugo 2 is the top choice for our money. 2) tablet Sony Xperia Z3 (s externím DACem) 3) PC s Asus Xonar Essence STX II (případně s externím DACem) Poslouchat budu od každého něco: od metalu až po vážnou hudbu. Zdroj hudby: Spotify Premium (320 kbps) nebo lokální soubory s vyšším bitratem, flac je imho zbytečný.