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paleto bay - fire station - fire house - Menyoo xml file - Custom prop. You will need Custom Props Add-On - You can access this map useing Menyoo mod - To get the doors to move open menyoo spooner mode and make the doors dynamic!paleto bay - fire station - fire house - Menyoo xml file 0.2. Ladda ner Dela. VegarEf. All Versions. 0.2 (current) 691 nerladdade , 300 KB 25 juni 2020. 0.1 61 nerladdade , 300 KB ... @VegarEf Also tried this in a FiveM server, since it's YMAP and all. Some of the walls are missing, the second floors floor is also missing. 28 juni 2020.He then proceeded to kidnap me and drive erratically all throughout Paleto Bay. He chased down an ambulance going code 3 to a 911 call and nearly collided with them. He then took me to the fire station, where I got out after he stopped in hopes of getting out of whatever he was doing. Bit different. It's not a sedan for once. It holds basically the same lighting package as the 2013 Charger. Both are Federal Signal vehicles. They are fictional, they aren't based on any irl department. I will be doing a 14 and 19 Tahoe to go with them. When they are released they may be put in a package together.