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Traffic For up-to-date information on current road conditions, choose from a list of CHP Communication Centers from the drop-down menu below left. Refine your search by selecting more options from the Searches menu, or view other helpful information by choosing an option from the Resources menu. Feb 01, 2018 · The crash happened around 5 a.m. on Interstate 10 near Texas 6 in the westbound mainlanes. Crews are still on scene cleaning up the crash. The early-morning accident - which involved two 18 ... 1 day ago · Heavy snowfall and poor road conditions were factors in a 12-vehicle pileup that occurred on Interstate 25 near Loveland, Colorado on Monday evening. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), 12 vehicles were involved in an accident on Interstate 25 between CO 402 and US 34 as snow and ice caked across the state's roadways and mountain passes resulting in slick conditions. Traffic Accident Deaths: Getting The Data Straight ... Making this one change brings the tally down from 21 states to 14 states with more firearm deaths than traffic deaths. ... In 2013, 99.4% of ...