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If you want to print using only the black ink, the color ink, or both, follow the steps below to specify the ink(s) you want to use with your printer. Open the printer driver setup window. For instructions, click here. Right click on the icon for your printer. Click Printing Preferences.For example, you will need to change the printer configuration from the default if the driver expects a color cartridge but you only have the black cartridge installed. Now click the "Printers" link in the server-manager's left frame. The printer panel should say that your "Printer lists are out of sync". Important. Some models do not support this function. To add a printer by using Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center, you will need a Printer registration ID.. From the operation panel of this printer, print the URL of the authentication site and your Printer registration ID. Download the little application called ‘HandyPrint’. You may then need to click on the ‘downloads’ button in the top right of Safari to find where it has been downloaded to. Click on the ‘Show Downloads’ button to find it. Now run HandyPrint by double clicking the HandyPrint application.